Rules for layouts of exercises and written work in English.



Provide students with a model layout for written work and class exercises in order to improve their formal written skills.




  • Always use white paper, except when the subject requires a different type of paper.
  • Margins: left (wider) and right, upper and lower.
  • Always state your full name, subject, group and title.



Handwriting and tidiness:


  • Use either black or blue ink, but NO pencil.
  • Your handwriting must be readable and neat.
  • Check your spelling.
  • Avoid blots and smudges. Just cross out. Do not overuse 'typex’.



Lines and Paragraphs:


  • Horizontal lines
  • Gaps between paragraphs must be wider than between lines.
  • Paragraph beginnings must be indented.




  • Use underlining moderately and always in the same colour.
  • The titles of the books must be underlined and quotations withinverted commas.


Written Essays


  • They must include cover, index and bibliography.
  • Pages must be numbered.
  • Sheets must be either stapled or clipped, or inserted in a plastic file.