For and against essay


The aim of these texts is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a topic.




  • Introduction: you must introduce the issue.
  • Body: you must give reasons to defend your ideas by presenting arguments for and against and giving examples of each.
  • Conclusion: it comes at the end of the essay and contains your personal opinion.





  • Use verbs of opinion: I think (that)…, I consider (that)…, I’m sure (that) …mi opinion is (that)…
  • Use linking words of:


-contrast: but, however.

-addition: and, also, too.

-reason: because

-result: so.






  • Think about and write down one or two of the best arguments for and against the topic.
  • Use one paragraph for your arguments for and one paragraph for your arguments against.
  • Use linking words to contrast ideas or give additional information.
  • Use the conclusion to give your personal opinion on the topic.
  • Check your spelling, grammar, punctuation and the length of your essay.