Before you start writing you should have in mind the following steps:


Carefully think what you’re going to write about:

  • Once you’ve chosen the topic, write down the main ideas that you may need for your essay


Choose the most suitable structure for your story:

  • Remember the main parts of a narrative: opening, body and closing
  • The verb tenses and verb agreements you’ll need to write yours.
  • If you’re writing about the past, make sure that you’re using the correct past tenses.
  • Appropriate usage of linking words.
  • Time adverbs ,cluases, and subordinate clauses and main clauses.


Focus on the specific vocabulary you’ll need according to the topic you’ve chosen in step one.

  • You can make a draft list with the general words you may need, even in your own language. You may try to translate them later on.
  • Use suitable expressions, specially for openings and closings.


Write a first draft.

  • Now that you have the topic, the tenses and the main vocabulary it’s time to start writing a first draft.
  • Remember that a draft is just a first approach to your final essay, so don’t worry too much  about what the neatness or the accuracy of your hand writing looks like.
  • If you’re finding problems translating a word, take your time and try to find suitable synonyms. Should that not be possible then try to explain the same idea using other words.


Check your draft.

  • Read your essay carefully concentrating on identifying possible mistakes, such as misspellings, wrong verb agreements, use of correct pronouns and possesives and word order...
  • Be extremely careful in avoiding literal translation.


Write your final composition:

  • Once you’re satisfied with the text, it’s time to write your final paper.
  • Remember that this time you should be more accurate and pay attention to some issues:
    • Neatness and handwriting (in case you’re not using a text editor)
    • Margins, paragraphing and indenting.
    • Check the consistency of the style, paying special attention to the right punctuation.