Happy Halloween!

This project will make you feel an experience full of fantasy and mystery. Fear and terror will overwhelm you at Halloween night, when ghosts come back to visit us and make it… TERRIFYING!


Produce a PowerPoint presentation or video to explain...

1.    When is this festival celebrated?

2.    Where does the word "Halloween" come from?

3.    Which are the origins of Halloween?

4.    How did the Celts use to celebrate it? And the Romans?

5.    How do the Anglo-saxon countries celebrate it nowadays?

6.    Are there differences between English and American celebration?

7.    What does "Trick or treat" mean?

8.    Which is the legend that tells the origin of the "Jack-o-lantern"?

9.    How can we make one Jack-o-lantern?

10. What is typical to eat during this time?

11. Find a Halloween Ghost Story and write a summary of it.

How to make a Jack-o-Lantern